Thursday, February 9, 2012

Uptempo Jazz 7: Fast Brushes Continued

Just a quick observation
I had to share today's video because you get to see one of my favorite contemporary drummers Greg Hutchinson playing some uptempo brushes with one of my all-time favorite versions of the Ray Brown trio featuring Benny Green.  If you go to around 1:23 you can see his pattern really clearly, and he seems to be following the Kenny Washington/Papa Jo style described in previous posts on the topic. Greg gets a really beautiful, clean, and swinging brush sound at this tempo.  Also check out the great drum breaks starting around 1:50, the slick stick-to-brush transition at 5:26,  as well as the superb dynamic sensitivity throughout.  Enjoy!

If you want to hear more of this amazing band check out the album "Live At Scullers".  Here is one more blazing version of the tune "Tanga" from the video above, this time with Jeff Hamilton on drums:


  1. It was interesting to read in MD how he does all wrist strokes on uptempo ride... And you can see it on this video too.. A really great way to develop that is through brushes.. So I get the feeling that, in a way, he's always playing brushes even when he's playing sticks.

    1. I need to get that issue so I can check out the article! Greg has been one of my favorite drummers since I started listening to jazz, and I think that your observation about how he articulates is a big part of why I am so drawn to his playing. Everything is so clean and clear, and I am sure the connection between this and his brush playing is correct.

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